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Key benefits of our Car Hire Excess Insurance


Lost Keys


Up to £500 per claim and £2000 per year for lost or stolen car keys




Up to £1000 per claim for wrong type of fuel


Lock Out


Up to £500 in the event of being locked out


Drop Of


Up to £300 in the event of being unable to return the vehicle


Additional Drivers


Additional eligible drivers aged 21 to 84 automatically insured


Car Jacking


Up to £1000 if you suffer from physical assault or theft


Hotel and Travel Expenses


Up to £150 for necessary accommodation following and accident


Road Rage


Up to £1000 resulting in physical injury


What is Car Hire Excess Insurance?


Most car rental companies charge an excess if you have an accident – this means that you will be responsible for the first part of the claim.

The part you are responsible for is called the "excess" and it varies from one car hire company to another. However, it's usually between £500 and £2,000 depending on the vehicle type you rent - but it can be substantially more on high-value cars.

You can protect yourself against these charges by purchasing an excess waiver. Some companies will try to sell you a waiver while you book, but it can cost over £20 a day! Save money with us - get a standalone excess insurance policy instead.

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Great optional extras


Rental Cancellation


In the event of having to cancel. We cover up to £500 towards cancellation charges


Personal Accident


In case of permanent injury. Up to £10,000 within 12 months of the accident


Dual Lead Drivers


Both persons must be permanently resident at the same address and are deemed as joint policyholders